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Combat Story

Mar 26, 2022

Today we take a historical look at the Battle of Actium, a huge naval battle off the coast of Greece that determined the future of what we know as the Roman Empire.   
We welcome Cornell University’s Professor Barry Strauss back to the podcast to bring another epic battle to life (listeners will remember him from our...

Mar 12, 2022

Today we hear a special Combat Story of one of the military’s most revered leaders who many have never heard of (but should). This is the experience of retired Colonel Bill Ostlund, a beloved mentor and leader developer who served 35 years in the Army working his way up from a private and growing into combat command...

Mar 5, 2022

Today we hear the Combat Story of Jim Horn, former Marine Corps Platoon and Company Commander and 25 year FBI Agent.
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Jim did two tours in Vietnam surviving near death experiences on several occasions. He earned a Silver...